A new and dynamic company that designs, builds and manufactures a complete range of productions lines for each product sector by providing technology solutions based on a philosophy of high performance reliability and ease of use. 

Our flexible, young and highly motivated organization, will provide the best products currently available on the market. 

The company employs technical specialists that consult the customer directly with him and develop specific solutions for each application. 

It has various facilities for the production assembly and testing of its systems that are guaranteed documented and certified in all its parts. 






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USUALLY important decisions concerning production processes, are not supported by accurate data and analysis and this turns every tactical and strategic investment in a high-risk operation. 


We can transform the necessity of change into profit opportunity for the company through the provision of products and services to support the important decisions with accurate analysis, carried out with the right tools.


We are carrier of culture and solution for all companies (small, medium and large) that have the need to maximize the efficiency of their logistics and production processes. 




Design is the engineering service for the complete development of mechatronic, mechanical and electronic projects. 

Our concept of design is spread around the entire process leading to the idea and the customer’s request to the technical documentation of the project, usable for the construction of a prototype or a production. 

These activities included in our Service are: 


  • requirements analysis and the feasibility study; 

  • development of the mechatronic project (electronic design, mechanical design, firmware and software design), and integration with the actual system; 

  • the engineering for commissioning production 

The design is a constant service based on the interaction between a project manager and the client. 

Each activity is a specific and distinct phase of the project, that allows the client monitoring all the implementation process from the begin to the final phase. 






The company strengths are the experience, the know-how in terms of management, technical and managerial skills in the organization of the various techniques involved in the project. 

The ability to meet customer expectations, the architectural and technical demands, including through innovative design solutions, along with the creation of constructive solutions verified and calculated. 


Our control over the entire process takes place in compliance with the ISO standard based on an analysis of the project through its technical evaluation, to the planning, execution and construction management. 


Accompanied by static checks to finally arrive to the production and assembly and installation through assiduous supervision until his final test. 


A careful analysis of constructive strategies and the technical characteristics of products allows us to offer customers building and installing technologically advanced solutions, for both tools and the materials used. 

The satisfaction of our customers through a service system aimed to ensuring the perfect state of its machinery efficiency. 

For us the after-sales service means being able to work alongside our clients and help them succeed. 


Our primary goal is to ensure maximum efficiency of the fleet of our customers by providing a service that meets their needs, through predictive and preventive maintenance, supply of original spare parts, on-site visits, repairs carried out by skilled technicians and training and refresher courses. 

Planned Maintenance Programs 

The best way to keep the value of your investment over time is to subject it to a regular control by our planned maintenance programs. 


Prevention extends the life of your system and reduces the possibility of unplanned downtime.


Original spare parts 

Spare parts on your machines during the period covered by the maintenance program will be offered at a reduced price


Repairs on site and repairs will be performed at our facility will be offered at discounted rates. 


Priority Service 

Our Service on site and repairs at our office will take precedence in relation to other requests. 





Anthropomorphic palletizers, optimum for every segment request

Take advantage of design solutions to optimize drive applications and overcome your business needs The constructive solution gives the anthropomorphic robot its peculiar characteristics:

  • Versatility, flexibility and maneuverability thanks to the joystick operator keyboard.

  • Possibility to palletize from multiple pickup points with sacks from different bag lines in one or more palletization points.


  • Possibility to palletize also on pallets directly grounded. Extremely small dimensions, which allow installation even in production where otherwise it would be impossible to position a palletizer of other type.

Anthropomorphic robot is the most versatile and fast-paced model for point-to-point handling in the range of robotic palletizers. The anthropomorphic robot can work sacks containing stable, airy, inconsistent products, allowing partial overlay of the bags in the sheet, both head and side, and is flexible in changing the size. The extreme simplicity of the atropomorphic robot makes it possible to palletize even on blades directly grounded. The anthropomorphic robot is equipped with a long articulated arm, mounted on a rotating platform, for quick and precise handling on the 4 axes. At the end of the anthropomorphic robot, a multifunctional clamp is fitted for different types of machining, rotating around its vertical axis. The arm slides and bends to the required height so that the caliper can take the bags from the feed roller, and then rises to allow free rotation of the entire main body. The clamp of the anthropomorphic robot by rotating on its axis, places the bag in the position assigned by the programmed palletizing scheme. The arm of the anthropomorphic robot is positioned at the appropriate height, and the caliper opens to deposit the sack on the shaving blade. At this point, the machine returns to the starting position ready for a new cycle.


Increase in sales volumes, the reduction in area and the need to reduce the costs of storage, push increasingly, food companies, including small and medium size, the purchase of an automated warehouse. 

The automatic warehouse can be intended for the storage of different types of goods: 

• raw material; 

• semi-finished products; 

• finished products; 

• products ready to be shipped; 

• mixed.

The location and sizing of the stock depend on the type of stored goods, the quantity, by turnover and so on; but it must not be forgotten the integration of the same with both the end of the production line, palletizers, sorters, warehouses for order processing, both with the management software.


It ‘s very important that already during the phase of an automatic warehouse design is taken into account the integration with the management software. 

The constant communication between Purchasing, Inventory, Planning, Production, Quality and Sales generate alignment BOM production with the actual consumption of the work and make sure that both the warehouse stock and the relative transit times are optimized. This will result in a reduction of

financial company exposure and a reduction in the cost of finished products: all in favor of competitiveness. 


Our system for the assembly of micro-technology are reliable and high is performance in all its parts, are based on the highly qualified personel of our R & D department to obtain the maximun performance.


Techniques, products and services are constantly adapted to market development and to the needs of its customers. 


The units based on the production of rotary tables, semi-automatic or fully automatic are, to date, used in the best of company production lines.

THESE ROBOTED LINES WITH COLLABORATIVE BRACKS CAN load / unload details, releasing the operator from dangerous and repetitive movements PickING and Deposit: Moving a detail from the final stage of a process to the initial phase of the next process. For example, picking up particulars from a box and placing them neatly on a work table and / or template; Again, this is not a value-added operation for an operator. Application Enhancement: Many applications can be performed by an operator without necessarily the typical man's dexterity; man can then be left the final part of the operation, which requires proper dexterity (eg for assembling details).


These machines and self-guiding machines for the lifting of loads are industrial automatic systems for the handling of goods and products in available stock in various models that differ in scope and amount of load to be handled simultaneously. 

They are capable of handling any product safely in any work environment. 

The strategy in the arrangement of vehicles is based on the principle of having the vehicle more close to use the destination for preferentially, eleborate can be simple or combined missions from-to from-to-from or integration with other systems (weighing contouring control , etc ) until you reach the preset destination. 



CHECK FOR DRIVING TRANSPORT SYSTEMS / AGV Our system of control and supervision, using HW industrial platforms SPS or PC, is structured in modules interconnected with a software core that has been experimenting on the field for many years now and which is, however, constantly updated and adapted to the most current requirements. Functional safety is one of the key aspects of AGV design. Essential elements in this regard are the existing laws, prescriptions, standards and directives on product safety and accident prevention.


Automatic handling systems allow elimination of manual labor and its inherent problems, thus achieving a high quality product. 

This machine uses components for maximum durability of parts, requiring very little maintenance. Thanks to its modular assembly concept are possible in which both vertical and horizontal configurations that, capable of providing intersections for various applications that require quick and accurate sorting of different products dimensions. 

They are so incredibly cheap that end users are certain to achieve productivity gains within their materials handling environment on account of performance, such as: 

High throughput of a wide range of products 

Flexible integration into existing layouts 

low operating costs 

Ideal price-performance ratio



The automation term identifies the technology that uses control systems for machines and processes, reducing the need for human intervention. 

It is realized for the execution of repetitive or complex operations, but also where security is required or certainty of the action or more convenience. 

Over the years they have been conferred to the term “automation” various definitions and then draw the conclusion that automation can understand a phenomenon which - together - technological, economic, organizational and social and has as its object the management and evolution tecnical-organizzational systems that achieve production processes of products and / or services. 

We integrate knowledge around the technology to make your business evolve to generate a sustained improvement, measurable and capable of making the difference on the market. 







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